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  • The Cellular Jail where Indian freedom fighters were imprisoned as a punishment for fighting the British rule is also located in Port Blair.

  • Almost 90 % of the land area of the A & N Islands is covered with rich forest cover, probably the most area (in % terms) covered among all the states in the country.

  • The A & N Islands have probably the longest coast line (around 2000 km) among all the states. In fact, it represents almost one fourth of total coast line of India. Because, it is surrounded by sea on both and in fact on all sides.

  • The Islands are the home for the endangered primitive tribes who have survived for thousands of centuries and continue to survive till today. They include the Great Andamanese, Onges, Jarawas, Sentinelese, Shompens.

  • Dugong, an endangered marine mammal, also known as Sea Cow, has been reported from Ritchie"s Archipelago, North Reef, Little Andaman and parts of Nicobars. This mammal is unique to A & N Islands and is the state animal.

  • Andaman Padauk is a tall deciduous tree found only in Andaman. It grows upto height of 120 feet. The timber is highly valued for making furniture.

  • The Islands have about 25 harbours, probably the largest number in the country.

  • The Southernmost point of India is popularly mistaken to be 'Kanyakumari' in Tamil Nadu State. In fact, the southern most point is in Campbell Bay, called as "Indira Point".

  • The islands are a rich and fascinating blend of what is the best of India, a heady mix of religions, languages, cultures and beliefs.

  • The A & N Islands are very much an integral part of India but distance wise they are much closer to Indonesia and Burma than to mainland India.

  • Barren Island is the only active volcano not just in India but the whole of South Asia. It is located approx 135 kms north east of Port Blair.

  • The Nicobar group of islands is a tribal reserve and is off-limits to foreigners; even Indians need a special permit to visit these islands.

  • 40% of the 244 species and sub species of plants found in the emerald isles are endemic.

  • 60% of 58 species of animals found on these stunning islands are endemic.

  • 50% of butterflies that live in the Andamans are endemic.

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